Chapter 10, Section D:
Penalty Assessment

Revised July 18, 2008


When collecting fees for citations, which are not yet outstanding, the “Notice of Payment and Compliance” form MVD-10648 must be filled out completely. The information should be clearly written and must include the complete citation number. The citation number consists of the following identifying numbers:





Issuing Agency


Citation Number


  01   790   01234567  


This procedure shall be followed whether the customer brings you the citation or you find it posted on the “Citation Record” of the Motor Vehicle Driver Record.


If the citation indicates that it is for “Penalty Assessment,” verify that the fine should be paid to the Motor Vehicle Division and not to a Municipal or Tribal Court before accepting payment. The Motor Vehicle Division collects the penalty assessment if:

  • the citation is issued on a “Uniform Traffic Citation”;

  • the citation is checked off for “Penalty Assessment”; and

  • the citation is not issued by a city police department other than the Albuquerque Police Department.

Fees for citations that are collected by the Field Offices should be immediately posted to the system by the Office Manager or should be phoned in to the appropriate update office. .