Chapter 11, Section C:
Discontinuing the Road Test

Revised April 11, 2008

At any point on a road test the driver may do something which either disqualifies him at once from receiving a license or makes it too risky to continue the test. Stop the driving test if you think there is any safety risk.

IF ANY of the following incidents occur, disqualify the driver and discontinue the test immediately:

  1. If it becomes apparent that the applicant is dangerously inexperienced.
  2. If an accident occurs involving any property damage or personal injury.
  3. If any dangerous driving error is committed, such as: a) when a near accident is prevented only because of evasive driving action on the part of the other drivers; b) the examiner is forced to grab the wheel or pull the emergency brake to avoid an accident; or c) the applicant drives into or stalls the vehicle in any location which might be dangerous (for example, driving over a sidewalk where there might be an unseen pedestrian or stalling the vehicle on a railroad track or in an intersection).
  4. If the applicant commits any of the following traffic violations: a) passes another car on a blind curve, on the crest of a grade or any no passing zone; b) makes a turn from the wrong lane under traffic conditions that make such action dangerous; c) excessive speeding (15 miles or more over the posted speed limit); or d) running any red light or stop sign.
  5. If the applicant refuses to perform any maneuver which is part of the prescribed driving test.
  6. If the applicant offers the examiner a bribe.

When stopping a test, direct the driver by the easiest route back to the starting point. Do not continue on the test route unless it is the easiest way back.

Do not tell the driver he is disqualified until you are back to the starting point.

Some drivers may become upset if you tell them at once and may become confused enough to have an accident. If there is any hazard involved with continued operation of the vehicle, the examiner should ask the applicant to park the vehicle and walk or seek other means of transportation back to the Motor Vehicle Division Field Office.