Chapter 13, Section A:
Drivers Who Must be Licensed

Revised March 27, 2008

Sec. 66-5-2 NMSA 1978. Drivers must be licensed.

A. Except those expressly exempted from the Motor Vehicle Code [66-1-1 NMSA 1978], no person shall drive any motor vehicle, neighborhood electric car or moped upon a highway in this state unless the person:

  1. holds a valid license issued under the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Code; and
  2. has surrendered to the division any other license previously issued to the person by this state or by another state or country or has filed an affidavit with the division that the person does not possess such other license; however, the applicant need not surrender a motorcycle license duly obtained under Paragraph (3) of Subsection A of Section 66-5-5 NMSA 1978.

B. Any person licensed under the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Code or expressly exempted from licensure may exercise the privilege granted upon all streets and highways in this state and shall not be required to obtain any other license to exercise the privilege by any county, municipality or any other local body having authority to adopt local police regulations.