Chapter 2, Section B:
Name Requirements

Revised February 6, 2012

First, Middle, Last

The name of every customer applying for a new or renewal driver’s license or ID is to be entered as first name, middle initial and last name. Creative naming conventions are not accepted for any reason (PQU#63).

Applicant with One Name

It is possible for an applicant's legal name to be a single name (no first, middle, last - just one name). In that case it will be necessary to contact your Bureau Chief or the Field Operations Help Desk. With help from IT they can walk you through the process and ensure that the license or ID is issued correctly.

Name Change

Applicants requesting a name change when applying for a non-commercial license, a commercial license, a provisional license, a permit or an identification card must present proof of the name change.

The documents presented must be the original or certified copies. The following are acceptable documents for changing a name:

  1. Marriage License
  2. Court Order
  3. Divorce Decree
  4. Birth Certificate
  5. Certificate of Naturalization

NOTE: Generally, the Birth Certificate is used when someone is correcting an error in the way his or her name appears on the license. Example: Current license shows name as “Daniel J. Martinez.” Applicant is requesting that name appear as on Birth Certificate - “Jose Daniel Martinez.”

SSOLV No Match

As described in Procedural Quick Update (PQU) #9, the Social Security On-Line Verification System (SSOLV) may return a code 3, 4 or 5 “no match” due to a customer's name change.

On a non-CDL transaction, if the customer has the appropriate name-change documentation, the field office clerk, after receiving approval from his or her manager, supervisor or Bureau Chief, should use the Social Security override function and complete the transaction. Instruct the customer to contact the Social Security Administration (SSA) to correct the SSA record so that the same problem does not occur the next time the license or ID card is renewed.

By federal regulation, no overrides are allowed on CDL transactions.