Chapter 2, Section I:
Minors Moving from Out of State

Created July 29, 2008

The Traffic Safety Bureau (TSB) is the regulating authority for Driver Education Schools and driver ed requirements in New Mexico.

30/6 hours requirement

According to TSB, although the New Mexico driver education requirement is 30 hours of class instruction and 7 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction, we may accept a driver education course certificate from another state if the course was provided: a) by a high school; or b) by a commercial school with a minimum of 30 hours of class instruction and 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction.

Classroom only acceptable for permit

A high school course that includes class room instruction only may be accepted for an instruction permit transfer because the road test is only required for the provisional license, which also requires 50 hours of practice driving.

Approved DWI prevention and education program

It should not be assumed that every out-of-state driver education course (for which a certificate or transcript must always be provided) includes a driving impaired section (DWI). If inclusion of an approved DWI prevention and education program is not documented, the minor must provide such documentation or be required to take the "None for the Road" class.

Documentation of other statesí driver ed requirements

If the certificate or transcript does not have specific information showing an approved DWI prevention and education program, class instruction hours, and behind-the-wheel hours consider these options:

  • Look in the most current Polk Motor Vehicle Registration Manual if available. Sometimes the information you need will be available.
  • Call the state where the course was provided and verify.
  • Have the customer provide additional information.

Do not call TSB. They will not decide for you whether a certificate or transcript can be accepted. If you cannot make a determination, contact your Bureau Chief.

Reciprocal exchange with other states

The Driverís License Compact provides for the reciprocal exchange of driversí licenses with other states. If another state has a similar program to our GDL program, the New Mexico instruction permit and provisional license can be issued to replace their current permit or license.

Another stateís required length of time for the GDL permit or provisional phase may be different from New Mexico's. Except as noted above, New Mexico's time requirements will always prevail when the applicant is moving from a permit to provisional or provisional to a regular class D license. Examples:

  • A person from out of state who has had an instructional permit or equivalent for six months is eligible for a provisional license if the 50 hours of logged driving is provided and the road test is passed.
  • A person from out of state who has had a provisional or equivalent license for one year and has attained age 16Ĺ may be issued a regular class D license if all other New Mexico requirements have been met.
  • The person who comes to NM with a regular, unrestricted license from another state must still provide a course certificate or transcript with 30/6 verification in order to get a New Mexico class D license.