Chapter 5, Section E:
CDL - Medical Certification and Waivers

Revised August 6, 2013

An applicant who does not pass the required hearing test on the DOT physical will not be able to obtain a New Mexico commercial license. New Mexico does not offer a medical waiver for hearing to commercial drivers.

An applicant who can not pass the required color blindness test on the DOT physical will not be able to obtain a New Mexico commercial license. New Mexico does not offer a medical waiver for color blindness to commercial drivers.

Medical Examiners Certification

Every commercial license applicant (except a government employee, who is medically qualified through his government agency) must provide evidence that he is medically qualified to drive a commercial motor vehicle. Applicant must present a current Medical Examiner Certification form (MVD-11144), which indicates that the applicant has passed a "DOT" physical. In order to be acceptable, the certificate must be filled out in each space. The Medical Examiner Certificate must have all of the following fields filled in:

  • Printed name, addressand signature of driver.
  • Printed name, address, license/certificate number, telephone number, date of examination, expiration date and signature ofmedical examiner.
  • Appropriate box must be checked by medical examiner.

Do not accept any certificate that has been altered or corrected.

Look over the CDL Medical Examiners Certification form. Be familiar with the information that is currently required.

As of Nov 2001 Medical personnel have the option to approve the medical certificate for a limited period of 3 months, 6 months or 1 year, with periodic evaluation.

  • If a medical certificate is presented to you with approval limited to 3 months or 6 months you will issue a license for only 1 year. You will place a “Y” restriction on license, and you will provide the driver's information to the CDL unit in Santa Fe at (505) 827-1036. The CDL Unit will in turn notify driver that he must submit his long form. The short duration is associated with high blood pressure. The CDL unit will track and follow up with the driver.
  • If you receive a certificate that is only approved for one year you will issue a one-year license and provide driver information to Santa Fe.

The CDL unit will place one of the following tracking codes on the action portion of the driver's record:


These medical tracking codes do not suspend, cancel or disqualify a driver. They just help us keep track of when driver must submit a new blood pressure reading or other medical update information.

New Mexico Medical Waivers

Why would New Mexico give a CDL driver a medical waiver?

  1. The applicant may have been unable to pass the required DOT physical.
  2. Applicant may have passed the required DOT physical but has one of the conditions for which New Mexico requires another look before giving a license.
  3. When an applicant indicates that he does have one of the conditions that are mentioned in question 4 of the “Driver License Application” and that that condition may impair his ability to drive, he is required to turn in MVD Form #11095 (Medical Report on Applicant Requesting Waiver to Drive Commercial Vehicle ). The medical reports should be completely filled out by the applicant's physician. Direct the applicant to submit the completed medical report to:

Motor Vehicle Division
Attention: CDL Unit/Medical Section
P.O. Box 1028
Santa Fe, NM 87504-1028

All Commercial license holders granted a New Mexico medical waiver will be issued a 1-year license. There is approximately a 2-3 week turn around for these requests. If the applicant is approved for a New Mexico waiver he will be mailed a medical waiver card from the MVD Medical Unit. They must carry the medical waiver along with their "DOT" medical examiners certificate, in order to drive.

Federal medical waivers/exemptions

  1. Vision waiver -The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is currently offering vision waivers to commercial license holders who have at least 20/40 vision in one eye. To qualify the driver must have been legally driving in his state under a state vision waiver for 3-5 years. This Federal waiver would allow the driver to travel interstate. To apply a driver must contact the FMCSA in Washington at (202) 366-2897 and request an application package. When a Federal vision waiver is granted MVD's CDL unit will place the following tracking code under the driver's action: MED1 VI2 DATE ISSUED. These Federal vision waivers are good for two years. Under the medical waiver screen in your license issuing program you have a selection of "S" OR "F". Select "F" when driver presents a Federal vision waiver.
  2. Loss of limb exemption - The New Mexico office of the FMCSA will take applications from drivers who are missing limbs but are wearing prosthetic devices. They provide a skills test and from that determine if an exemption certificate will be granted. This waiver will allow a commercial driver to drive out of state. The number the driver should call for an appointment is (505) 346-7858.
  3. Diabetes Exemption – FMCSA is currently offering diabetes waivers to commercial license holders who do not meet the minimum physical requirements of the FMSCRs.