Chapter 5, Section F:
CDL Skill Test Requirements

Revised August 14, 2013

Skill Tests are Required When:

  1. An applicant is applying for any first-time New Mexico Commercial Drivers License and is not presenting a valid CDL from another state.
  2. Applicant is adding a passenger endorsement to any first-time or existing commercial license, class A, B or C.
  3. Applicant has an existing commercial license with a P (passenger) endorsement, and a T restriction. Applicant must pass a road skill test in a truck in order for the T to be removed.
  4. Applicant is upgrading any commercial license: Class C to Class B or Class B to Class A.
  5. Applicants license has been revoked for any reason, and he or she wants to receive another commercial license.
  6. Applicant wishes to remove an L restriction (airbrakes) from an existing commercial license.
  7. Applicant's CDL has been expired more than 5 years.