Chapter 5, Section G:
Class E (CDL Exempt) License

Revised February 28, 2008


Federal regulation allows states to exempt three groups of drivers from the general rule that a CDL is required to drive vehicles over 26,000 pounds.


New Mexico Class E (CDL exempt) license


By rule ( NMAC) drivers with a Class E license may operate certain vehicles that are over 26,000 pounds on the public roads and highways of New Mexico without a commercial driver's license. The Class E exempt license is available to drivers of:

  1. Recreational Vehicles – vehicles that are registered and used as a recreational vehicles.

  2. Farm and Ranch Vehicles – vehicles that are: • controlled and operated by a farmer or rancher or an employee of a farmer or rancher; • used to transport agricultural products, agricultural machinery or agricultural supplies to or from a farm or ranch; • used within 150 miles of the ranch or farm; and • not used in the operations of a motor carrier or otherwise used “for hire.”

  3. Fire Fighting Vehicles – vehicles manufactured for and equipped to fight fires and equipped with audible and visual signals and operated by a person who is a member of a volunteer or paid fire organization.

  4. Military Vehicles - all vehicles owned or operated by the department of defense and operated by non-civilian operators. [Note: Military drivers are, however, typically licensed by the military, so would not normally need a New Mexico Class E license.]

Vehicle Certification


All applicants for a Class E license must provide a Vehicle Certification - MVD form #10414. THIS IS YOUR DOCUMENTATION FOR WHY YOU ISSUED THE EXEMPTION. MAKE SURE THAT THE APPLICANT IS QUALIFIED TO RECEIVE IT.

  1. RV driver – may sign for himself, both first time and upon renewal.

  2. Farm or Ranch – owner may sign for himself, both first time and upon renewal; however, the farmer/rancher must sign, both first time and upon renewal, for employee-applicant.

  3. Fire Fighters – Fire Chief must sign, both first time and upon renewal.