Chapter 5, Section J:
Out-of-State Commercial Driver's License

March 25, 2013

As part of a longstanding agreement between the states, New Mexico will accept a valid commercial driver's license from any of the other 49 states or Washington, DC (straight across without testing), but only if the original license is still valid. This does NOT include any foreign license or a license from a U.S. Territory.

Example: A Texas class “B” commercial license comes in with “P” and “S” (school bus) endorsements. We will trade the class ”B” and the “P” endorsement. The “S” will not be transferred unless they pass our written exam for school buses or if the endorsement was issued after September 2005.


  1. Applicant must surrender any other license.
  2. Applicant must fill out the Commercial Driver Statement on the driver's license application form (MVD-10229).
  3. Applicant must produce a current DOT Medical Examination Certification (Long Form) and any waivers.
  4. Applicant must not be suspended, cancelled, revoked or disqualified in any state.
  5. If applicant is coming in with hazmat endorsement, the current driver license and social security should be checked in the “CDL Hazmat – Pending Time Check” screen to verify remaining days left on hazmat endorsement.
  6. Applicant must provide birth certificate, social security card and two verifiable proofs of residence.
  7. Applicant must fill out a Driver License Surrender Form (MVD-10231).

When making an out-of-state commercial license invalid, punch 1 hole in the license. The hole should be carefully punched so as not to destroy or make illegible any information (including expiry date) or the customer's photo. Return the hole-punched CDL to the customer with his or her new temporary license. (PQU#60)