Chapter 5, Section K:
CDL Skills Test Examiners

Revised June 26, 2013

Approved Third-Party CDL Examiners

CDL skills tests are given by four distinct groups of approved third-party examiners. The number assigned to any examiner can be used by MVD agents to identify what group the examiner belongs to and what testing the examiner is authorized to do.

Note: It is the responsibility of MVD field office agents, based on the instructions below, to recognize the examiners' numbers and to know what drivers they are authorized to test.

Click here or on the heading above for a complete current listing of New Mexico third-party CDL examiners, in Adobe Acrobat pdf format. You can print and give this listing to any customer who requests a list of CDL examiners. It is also posted and available to the public on the MVD Internet web site.

CD-xxx - Public Third-Party CDL Examiners:

Most CDL examiners with the numbers CDxxx (where xxx represent numerical digits) are public third-party examiners associated with one of six New Mexico public colleges and universities. They are authorized to administer the CDL skills test to the general public, including all CDL applicants except school bus drivers and state employees. They can be contacted by anyone who requires a skills test for the issuance of a commercial driver's license.  

CD-7xx - Operating Engineers Local #953

Local #953 of the Operating Engineers, a heavy equipment union, trains union members to operate heavy equipment, including commercial vehicles. Operating Engineers examiners are authorized only to administer the CDL skills test to their own members.

SB-xxx -  PED School Bus Transportation Division

The School Bus Transportation Division of the New Mexico Public Education Department (PED) tests all school bus drivers. These examiners have assigned numbers that begin with "SB." PED's school bus examiners are not authorized to test any truck drivers or coach bus drivers. They may only examine yellow school bus drivers.

SD-1xx - New Mexico Department of Transportation

The New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) tests all state employees. These examiners have numbers assigned that begin with "SD-1." NMDOT's examiners are not authorized to test anyone who is not a New Mexico state employee.

The license issued to a state employee will normally carry an S restriction indicating that the driver was not required to show proof of being medically qualified.