Chapter 5, Section L:
CDL Knowledge Tests

Revised August 14, 2013

In order to continue to participate in the issuing of commercial driver licenses, New Mexico must be very vigilant about the integrity of the written exams.

The CDL knowledge tests are NOT open book tests.

We provide study material that allows the driver to see what material the Federal Government requires him or her to know before we can issue a license. Knowledge testing is how we determine that an applicant has read the material and has understood it.

During the test, the applicant is not allowed to use any aids. There is to be no talking between applicants. Any applicant caught cheating is to be requested to leave. Please notify the CDL section as soon as possible by e-mail with a detailed description of what happened. Any applicant caught cheating will be disqualified from testing for one year.

The disqualification will show on the driver’s record for one year. It is located on the MVR under actions (PF10) as a C72 Dis1. Once the year is over the CDL unit can update the disqualification and the driver can test again.

Under no condition are the answers to be given out.

If a driver wants to know which areas to study if he or she failed the knowledge test, a printout of Topics from the “Study Guide” can be done for them. This will give them a general idea of topics they should study in the Commercial Driver Manual. Written exam scores stay viable for one year.

The kiosk will hold the test scores for longer than that so they can be looked up by any office to see the dates.

An applicant must score at least 80% to pass each exam. An applicant must wait one week before retesting after failing any knowledge exam.

An applicant who fails any one knowledge test three times must wait one full year before retesting.