Chapter 9, Section A:
Class D Medical Reports

Revised June 20, 2013

Issuance of a Class D New Mexico Driver’s License, Permit or Provisional License with a Medical Report

For some time there have been multiple Medical Report forms in use, due to problems getting a new, revised form with instructions approved for use. A new revision (MVD-10124 Rev 06/13) has now been approved and posted on the Internet and intranet forms pages. The old form (Rev. 09/01) may still be accepted.

issue a Commercial Drivers
License (CDL) using a Class D
Medical Report.

Procedures for the Issuance of a First Time, Renewal or Replacement Driver's License or Permit with a Class D Medical Report

Upon return of the Medical Report, if the applicant's physician or other licensed health care provider:

  • has answered "Yes" to question #8, "From a medical standpoint only, is the patient capable of safe and competent driving?" or
  • has answered question #10 with a number of years (1 year or 4 years) as the next recommended interval for medical report review,

the customer meets New Mexico state standards and has passed the medical screening. Issue a drivers license, following the procedures below. If no recommended interval is specified, issue a one-year license. If the recommended interval is more than two years, issue a four-year license.

Note: All Medical Reports must be faxed to the Driver Services Bureau’s Medical Unit in Santa Fe at (505) 827-0977 for review and possible referral to the Medical Review Board. There will be rare occasions when the Medical Review Board’s evaluation concludes that the customer should not be licensed. In those cases, the customer will be notified by the Driver Services Bureau and his or her license will be canceled, subject to a hearing if so requested by the driver.

  1. Verify Customer’s Personal Information on Medical Report
     All information needs to legible.
     Applicants name must be their legal name (matches name on driver’s license).
     Correct mailing address

  2. Verify Physician Information on Medical Report
     Name of Physician
     Complete Address and Phone Number provided
     Date of Visit
     Signature of Physician

    If any of the above information is missing, return the Medical Report to the customer for completion.

  3. Inform Customer
    At the time of issuance, inform the customer that a current (new) Medical Report must be submitted upon renewal or replacement of the driver’s license. Once a customer has a medical action placed on his or her record, it is mandatory that a new Medical Report be completed prior to the issuance of a new driver's license.

  4. Preparation of Medical Report
    In the “Division Use Only” space of the Medical Report, check the box that designates what type of license you issued and record your MVD Field Office Number. The current form only lists Permit, Regular or Commercial. Write in what has been issued (e.g. Provisional License) if it is not listed.

    Make two copies of the Medical Report: a) to place as documentation for the Drivers Application; and b) to keep as a copy for your records. All original Medical Reports must be faxed to the Medical Unit in Santa Fe at (505) 827-0977 on a DAILY BASIS.

    The Medical Unit will update the customer's record to reflect the new medical action.