Chapter 9, Section B:
Special Instances

Revised August 22, 2012

Special instances that do not require a Medical Report or that require additional documentation with a Medical Report

When a customer has a medical condition, which does not limit his ability to operate a motor vehicle, (such as a missing limb, partial paralysis, or a deformed limb), provided there is no other health problem, a Road Test may be administered instead of requiring a Medical Report.

If the decision is made to require only a Road Test, write a description of the customer’s medical condition on the front of the Driver’s Application in the space provided.

Example:  “Amputee with no other health problem,” or “Permanent paralysis of left arm with no other health problem.”

Issue the Driver’s License with the appropriate restriction(s), if applicable. (Refer to Chapter 2 Section H for a complete list of restrictions)

Submit customer’s Road Test with the Driver Application.

If the driver is unable to wear a seatbelt

If a physician states that a driver is unable to wear a seatbelt, the driver will need to carry the physician’s statement to that effect with him whenever he is riding in a Motor Vehicle, either as driver or passenger, including when the driver is taking the road test for issuance of a New Mexico driver's license.