Chapter 9, Section D:
Medical Actions

Revised August 22, 2012

Medical Actions

Once a customer has a Medical Action of any kind (except a VI1) on his/her license, a current (new) Medical Report must be submitted each time the customer renews or replaces his or her license. If there is a VI1, but the driver passes the eye test, issue the license.

A Medical Report or Vision Report is only valid for half the time period for which the license issued.

For example:

  1. John Doe was issued a four-year license in 2007. A Medical Action was placed on his record for Diabetes. In 2008, he has lost his license and is in your office to obtain a replacement. Because the four-year term of Mr. Doe’s license is less than half over (it has been less than two years since his four-year license was issued) the Medical Report is still valid. You can issue a new license without requiring a new Medical Report.
  2. Mary Ann was issued a four-year license with a Medical Action in 2005. In 2008 she lost her license. Because Mary Ann's license is more than two years old, and more than halfway to its expiry date, a new Medical Report will be required before she can be issued a new, replacement drivers license.
  3. Frank is 77 years old and (because he is over age 75) gets his license renewed every year. His current license was issued in December 2007 and lost it in March of 2008. Because Frank’s license is only for one year, his Medical Report is only valid for six months. Fortunately for Frank, it has only been three months, so his Medical Report is still valid and he can be issued a replacement license. But, if he lost his license in June 2008, more than six months after issuance, he would have to get a new Medical Report.