Chapter 9, Section F:
Customers Requiring Additional Road Testing

Revised March 27, 2008

At times customers may be required to submit to a Road Test in order to reinstate their driving privileges.

In some situations, you may provide them with the testing and they fail. Or you may not feel comfortable providing a Road Test due to the customerís medical condition.

Some field offices have developed a working relationship with the local sheriff or police chief and are able to have a local law enforcement officer assist with the Road Test. In other circumstances, you may need to consult with your Bureau Chief to determine the best course of action.

Adaptive Driving Program

In the past there was another option. The Adaptability School of Driving in Albuquerque was state-certified to provide New Mexico Road Tests to customers with disabilities or medical conditions. This was the only program in the state, other than law enforcement, whose road testing we were able to accept. Unfortunately, that school has gone out of business.

However, a new "Adaptive Driving Program" is currently in the works under the umbrella of the State of New Mexico Governorís Commission on Disability (GCD). Unlike the Adapt Ability School of Driving, which was a for-profit operation, the new Adaptive Driving Program is expected to provide its services for free to those who need them. We will let you know when the new program is up and running.