Chapter 9, Section I:
Answers to Common MedicalQuestions

Revised June 20, 2013

Answers to Common Questions

  1. When I try to renew a customers drivers license, another window pops up stating that this customer has a medical action on his/her record. What do I do now?

    • The customer has a Medical Action on his motor vehicle record which possibly requires a new Medical Report. Refer to the examples under Renewals for the time frame a Medical Report or a Vision Report is valid.

    • If the customer needs a new Medical/Vision Report, do not process the transaction. Instead give the customer the proper form for him to take to his physician to complete.

    • If the customer has the proper form and it meets the requirements for issuance under either Medical or Vision, then you may certify the driver and issue a license. Mail the original to the Medical Unit in Santa Fe and a copy needs to be included with your driversí application documentation.

  2. The customersí Medical Report states that he can get an eight-year license. Can I give it to him/her?

    • No. The customer may receive a four-year, but not an eight-year license. A driver with a medical condition is only able to receive a one-year or a four-year license.

  3. A customer claims that he no longer requires a Medical/Vision Report as he no longer has the previous condition. What is the procedure to get a medical action removed from a customerís record?

    • The customer will need to have his physician state on the physiciansí letterhead that the customer is no longer being treated for the previous condition and therefore no longer has the previous condition. The letter needs to be sent to the Medical Unit in Santa Fe for further review. If the letter meets all the requirements, the medical condition will be removed from the customersí record.

  4. How long is a Medical or Vision Report valid?

    • A Medical Report or a Vision Report is valid for half the length of the license. If a license is issued for four years, the Medical/Vision Report is valid for two years. If a license is issued for one year, the Medical/Vision Report is valid for six months.

  5. Is a Medical or Vision Report required for each renewal or replacement?

    • Yes, on a renewal, except in the case of a Vision Report when the applicant is able to pass the eye test. For replacement see question #4 for the length of time a Medical or Vision Report remains valid. Anytime a driver has a Medical Action, that driver will continue to need a Medical or Vision Report to address that specific condition, unless the physician recommends that it be removed from the driverís Motor Vehicle record.

  6. A customer came in to the office with an Approval Letter from the Medical Unit. What does it mean and what do I do now?

    • The Approval Letter is to inform the customer that his/her Medical Report or Vision Report has been approved. They are then to take the letter to an MVD Field Office for issuance of a license.

    • Approval Letters are issued by various people within the Medical Unit. They are not signed. Instead they bear the initials of the person issuing the Approval Letter. If you have any questions regarding the validity of an Approval letter, contact the Medical Unit.

  7. The physician left the length of time for a license to be issued blank, can I issue a license?

    • Yes. If the physician answered "Yes" to question #12 (capable of safe and competent driving) on the Medical Report or answered "No" to question #7 (driving hazard) on the Vision Report, issue a one-year license.

  8. If a customer comes in to the field office with an Approval Letter and restrictions for Daylight Driving, Corrective Lenses, and Yearly Renewal, do I need to place them on the license?

    • No. The Medical Unit updates the customerís record with all the necessary restrictions prior to the Approval Letter being mailed to the customer.

  9. What if the customer can pass the Vision Test on our Vision Machine the next time they are in the office for a renewal?

    • If the customer is able to pass the field office vision exam, a license may be issued without a Vision Report, even if the customer has a previous vision action on his or her record.