Chapter 10, Section G:
General Surety Bond Checklist

Revised May 6, 2011

Bond Checklist

VIN # ________________________________

·         Affidavit of VIN Inspection (MVD-10861)

o        Completed inspection by certified VIN inspector (valid for 30 days).

·         NCIC stolen vehicle check

o       Provided on NCIC Certificate of Clearance form (MVD-10468), NM Vehicle Inquiry printout, or Affidavit of VIN form  (MVD-10861).

·         Proof of NM registered owner

o        From MVD, Samba or Technet records determine if there is a NM owner.

o        If applicant does not have correct owner address, print out a suppressed NM record. The applicant must make every effort to determine correct vehicle owner address.

o        If no registered NM owner “print out” no record.

o        Go to next step

·         Proof of out of state registered owner

o        If the vehicle is titled in another state send a completed form MVD 10705, Request for Vehicle or Hull Identification Number Verification, to that state.

o         If “no record” indicate this on the form Fifty State NCIC Registration Inquiry (MVD-10413). NM MVD will verify through NCIC. Go to Surety Bond and all supporting documents.

o        If out of state response reveals an owner, and address is provided, lienholder or other interested party go to next step.

·         Certified mail registered letter to vehicle owner of record

o        Copy of letter to owner of record (content requirements)

§         VIN, year, make, model, secondary VIN for MC, OH and RV’s, color

§         Why you are sending this letter (lost, incomplete, incorrect, etc, documents)

§         Intentions to title the vehicle.

o        Letter to be sent to registered owner, lien holder, and other interested parties.

o        This must be either the certified mail receipt signed by the recipient/s or a copy of the envelope and returned receipt (green card) returned by the Post Office if unable to deliver.

o        MVD or agent of the state will verify address of owner of record.

·         Surety Bond and all supporting documents

o        Bond must include the VIN. 

o        Bond must be for a period of three years.

o        Bond must be for twice the value of the vehicle.

·         Odometer Statement

o        If the owner of vehicle record and the buyer have not signed an Odometer Statement the mileage cannot be verified. Record the odometer mileage taken from the Affidavit of VIN and assign as NM (not the actual mileage). 


  1. If the 50-state check shows that New Mexico is the state of record for this vehicle we know that we will not provide the address. Therefore the 50-state check along with the no-record from NM should be sufficient proof that the applicant attempted to locate and notify the registered owner. That is the purpose of the bond, to protect the Division in issuing a title when all required documents are not available.
  2. If the 50-state check reveals a registered owner, the applicant will be given the state of record. It will be his responsibility to notify the state and attempt to get an address. The applicant will submit the response from the other state's DMV to verify the attempt.

    If the address was not provided, we should proceed with this verification of attempt. If the address is known, the applicant should attempt to notify the owner. As long as the applicant has attempted to locate the owner and notify we should proceed. That is the purpose of the bond, to protect the Division in issuing a title when all required documents are not available.