Chapter 11, Section D:
Reinstating Registration After Compliance with MFRA

Revised August 18, 2008

General Information

A vehicle owner whose registration is under Administrative Suspension for failure to comply with the Mandatory Financial Responsibility Act, must have their insurance information updated by their insurance agent or insurance company prior to being eligible for registration reinstatement. If insurance information is not received by the Insurance Identification Database (IIDB), the system will not allow a reinstatement transaction to occur.


Select the registration reinstatement option from the transaction menu.

If the customer has not indicated that the registration needs to be reinstated, the system will notify clerk that registration is under Administrative Suspension and that the registration reinstatement needs to be processed.

The customer will have to pay the registration reinstatement fee (use Revenue Code 68 and Transaction code 17). If customer has returned his license plate to MVD (per Sec. 66-5-230), a license plate replacement fee will also have to be assessed.