Chapter 12, Section C:
Auto Recyclers

Revised August 22, 2008

Auto recycler license (66-4-1.1)

  1. A person desiring to engage in the business of wrecking or dismantling vehicles for the purpose of reselling parts or scrap material shall apply to the department for an auto recycler license.

    A person possessing three or more wrecked, dismantled or partially wrecked or dismantled vehicles who regularly sells or offers for sale used vehicle parts or vehicle scrap material within the period of one year shall be presumed to be conducting business as an auto recycler.
  2. An auto recycler licensee shall not sell motor vehicles of a type subject to registration pursuant to the Motor Vehicle Code.

Wrecker and auto recycler are synonymous ( NMAC)

According to the New Mexico Administrative Code (NMAC), “wrecker” means an “auto recycler.”

Nonrepairable vehicles ( NMAC)

Unless an insurance company takes title to a nonrepairable vehicle, the owner of the nonrepairable vehicle may not transfer ownership to anyone other than a licensed auto recycler.