Chapter 12, Section E:
VIN Inspector Certification

Revised December 7, 2011

Dealers Bureau VIN Inspector Classes

The Dealers Bureau offers Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Inspector certification and re-certification classes in Albuquerque.

Classes are provided for employees of New Mexico motor vehicle dealers and title service companies, tow companies and auto recyclers, as well as for MVD employees and agents (including county, municipal and private retail offices).

VIN Inspector Certification and Recertification Requirements

Certification to conduct Level 1 and Level 2 vehicle identification number (VIN) inspections requires completion of a full 8-hour certification class. The class teaches the complete VIN program. A test is given and individuals must pass with a grade of 90 or better in order to obtain VIN credentials.

Every two years, a VIN inspector must take a 4 hour class to be re-certified. This class provides updated information to inspectors. Credentials are updated with a new expiration date. It is the responsibility of the VIN inspector to know when his or her VIN credentials expire and to contact the Dealers Bureau to register for an upcoming class.

Effective January 1, 2007, VIN credentials may no longer be extended pending recertification.

VIN Inspector Class Schedule

The next scheduled VIN Inspector Class can be found, with registration requirements, on the TRD-MVD Internet at . This site is updated on a regular basis.

VIN Inspection Levels

  • Level I
    The level of competence in which an individual comprehends the formulation of a Vehicle Identification Number and Federal Safety Certification Label, and the factory attachment method of both items.
  • Level II
    The same as Level I and including the comprehension of vehicle engine and transmission numbering and derivative numbering systems.
  • Level III
    The level of competence in which a law enforcement employee comprehends the formulation of secondary identification numbers, methods of counterfeiting Public VIN (PVIN) Plates and Federal Safety Certification Labels. Additionally, as a law enforcement employee, this individual has access to confidential vehicle identification resources.
  • Level IV
    The same as Level III; and including the comprehension of and access to ALL resources needed to complete the identification and investigation of VIN-altered vehicle.