Chapter 16, Section D:
OHV Equipment Requirements

Revised August 25, 2008

Off-Highway Vehicle Equipment Requirements (66-3-1010.3A)

In addition to a number of requirements regarding the operation of OHVs, Section 66-3-1010.3A NMSA 1978 requires that a person shall not operate an off-highway motor vehicle:

  • unless the vehicle is equipped with a spark arrester approved by the United States forest service; provided that a snowmobile is exempt from this provision;
  • when conditions such as darkness limit visibility to 500 feet or less, unless the vehicle is equipped with: (a) one or more headlights of sufficient candlepower to light objects at a distance of 150 feet; and (b) at least one taillight of sufficient intensity to exhibit a red or amber light at a distance of 200 feet under normal atmospheric conditions; or
  • that produces noise that exceeds 96 decibels.