Chapter 17, Section F:
Used Manufactured Home Never Previously Titled

Revised August 28, 2008

It is an unfortunate fact that many manufactured homes were never properly titled and registered when they were new.

As a result, when the current or new owner seeks to reactivate a used manufactured home's title so that the home can be moved to a new location, we find that no title exists that we can reactivate.

A title that was never issued cannot be reactivated.

In those circumstances when a customer needs to title a manufactured home for the first time and cannot meet the basic requirements, the customer must provide:

  • Proof of ownership
    Proof must describe the manufactured home by year, make and VIN.
  • Proof that no lien or mortgage exists
    on the manufactured home or on the land on which it sits - must describe the manufactured home by year, make and VIN
    (A letter from the mortgage company stating that they have interest only in the land and not on the manufactured home will suffice.)
  • Letter from Assessor
    stating that the manufactured home is assessed as personal property - must describe home by year, make and VIN
  • Tax Release from Treasurer or Assessor

If complete documentation cannot be produced, a surety bond process may be required.