Chapter 19, Section A:
Commercial Vehicle Title Applications - Basic Questions

Revised May 6, 2009

First - ask a few basic questions

When processing a title application for a commercial vehicle, the MVD agent should always begin by asking the questions below. The response to these questions will determine how the transaction will be processed and what supporting documents will be required.

Q. Do you have now, or have you ever had, another commercial motor vehicle registered in your name?

If the applicant responds “YES” then he will have to provide his DOT number. If the applicant states that it has been several years since he had an established WDT or MTD account, an attempt must be made to locate the account number. The Commercial Vehicle Bureau (CVB) may be contacted for assistance in locating the DOT number.

Using the Weight Distance Inquiry Login page (, with the applicant's DOT number, verify whether or not the account is still active and if any taxes are owed to the department.

As directed in PQU#89 (Commercial Vehicles - WDT and HVUT Verification), the transaction should not be completed, and the carrier should be directed to contact the Commercial Vehicle Bureau if the inquiry generates any of these responses: no data is found; a change is required on the demographic information; or a Non-Filer status and/or NSF flag appears on the screen.

If the applicant responds “NO” he must call the Commercial Vehicle at (505) 476-1515 to apply for a DOT number. Once the carrier receives a DOT number he must then establish a Weight Distance Tax (WDT) Account by ordering a WDT E-permit at the NMWebFile site at Once the carrier has confirmation of the e-permit, he should return to the field office to complete the registration process.

If the applicant currently has only one vehicle, the field office may call the Commercial Vehicles Bureau (CVB) and, depending on CVB staff availability and if the customer is willing to provide credit card or electronic check information over the phone, it may be possible for CVB staff to assign a WDT account number and complete the e-permitting process immediately, over the phone. This option is not available for carriers with more than one vehicle.

Because the Department of Public Safety (DPS) can access the e-permit information online, it is no longer necessary for the applicant to carry a paper permit.

Q. Is the vehicle's Declared Gross Vehicle Weight (DGVW) 55,000 lbs and over?

If the answer is “YES” applicant must provide a current IRS stamped Form 2290 Schedule 1, “Heavy Vehicle Use Return.” However, if the applicant’s registration expires during the months of July, August, and September, you may use the prior year’s form 2290 Schedule 1.

If the applicant responds “NO” IRS Form 2290 is not required.

Q. Will you be operating this vehicle in any state(s) other than New Mexico?

If the answer is “YES” applicant must go to the CVB in Santa Fe to register as an IRP (International Registration Plan) carrier.

If the answer is “NO” and the applicant will be operating in New Mexico only, he will be assigned a Weight Distance (WD) plate. The Application for Title and Registration can be processed and the tax, title and registration fees collected at the field office. The field office clerk must verify, by logging onto the MVD Field Office look-up, that the carrier has a WDT E-permit for the specific vehicle involved in the current transaction and that the carrier's tax account is in good standing.