Chapter 20, Section F:
Assignment of New Mexico Registration Number and Hull Identification Number (HIN)

Revised August 29, 2008

Assignment of New Mexico Registration Number

  • The registration number is the assigned number for the life of the vessel in New Mexico. The registration number must be printed on or permanently affixed to each side of the forward half of the vessel. Numbers are to be read from left to right, be in plain vertical block characters, be of a color contrasting with the background, be not less than three inches in height and have spaces equal to the width of a letter between the letters and number grouping.
  • A registration number consists of two alpha, four numeric and two alpha characters.
  • A vessel with an assigned number from another state will be assigned a New Mexico registration number upon titling and registering in New Mexico.
  • When titling and registering a vessel that does not have a number assigned, type in the word “ASSIGN” in the “Registration Number” field. MVD 2.0 will assign the next sequential number.

Assignment of a Hull Identification Number (HIN)

All vessels manufactured before 1972 and homemade vessels must have a Hull Identification Number assigned by the Motor Vehicle Division upon registration, if one has not previously been assigned by the State Parks Division of the New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department.

Title Issuing Offices

For title-issuing offices, MVD 2.0 is programmed to assign Hull Identification Numbers. Upon determining that the vessel requires a HIN, type in the word "Assign" in the Hull I.D. block and the computer will assign the number.

Non-Title Issuing Offices

Upon determining that a vessel requires a HIN, type the word "Assign" in the Hull Identification Number" space on the Title Application. Santa Fe will assign and issue the HIN number.

Non-titling issuing offices must mail in the Application for Vessel Title and Registration along with all supporting documents and fees (check or money order only) to: Vehicle Services Bureau, P.O. Box 1028, Santa Fe, NM 87504-1028.

The “Registered Owner's Copy” should be given to the applicant to be used as a temporary permit until the Certificate of Title is mailed out.

Upon assigning a Hull Identification Number

Advise the applicant of the following:

  • The assigned Hull Identification Number must be carved, burned, stamped, embossed, or otherwise permanently affixed to the outboard side of the transom. If there is no transom, the HIN should be affixed to the outermost starboard side at the end of the hull that bears the rudder or other steering mechanism, above the vessel's waterline, in such a way that alteration, removal, or replacement would be obvious and evident.
  • The characters of the Hull Identification Number must be no less than one-fourth of an inch in height.
  • State Parks Division officers in the field will inspect the assigned Hull Identification Number.