Chapter 2, Section C:
Vehicles Exempt from Title and Registration

Revised March 2, 2012

The following vehicles are exempt from title and registration requirements:

  1. U.S. Government and Other States’ Government Vehicles

    Vehicles or trailers owned by and used by the United States or any state or political subdivision thereof, except the State of New Mexico, need not be registered but must display plates or signs showing that they are owned by the United States or such other state or political subdivision.
  2. New Mexico State and Local Government Vehicles (66-6-15)

    Vehicles or trailers owned by the State of New Mexico or by any county or municipality of this state are not assessed registration fees, however, must be titled and continually display plates furnished by the Motor Vehicle Division.
  3. Vehicles Driven or Moved by Manufacturers, Dealers, or Lien Holders

    Vehicles driven or moved by manufacturers, dealers or lien holders need not be registered when being driven or moved only for the purpose of immediate delivery, demonstration or resale to another person. Such vehicles must display a dealer’s plate or temporary permit.
  4. Vehicles Owned by Non-Residents

    Vehicles owned by non-residents need not be registered, provided that the vehicle is registered in and displays a current license plate from another licensing jurisdiction. (Exception: See #2, on Page 1).
  5. Vehicles Operated Exclusively on Private Property

    Any vehicle, which is driven or moved upon a highway only for the purpose of crossing such highway from one property to another.
  6. Implements of Husbandry (66-3-1C NMSA 1978)

    Any implement of husbandry (farm equipment), which is only incidentally operated or moved upon a highway, need not be registered.
  7. Electric Trolleys (66-3-1F NMSA 1978)

    Any vehicle propelled only by electric power obtained from overhead trolley wires, though not operated on rails, need not be registered.
  8. Any Special Mobile Equipment (66-3-1A4 NMSA 1978)

    Any vehicle not designed or used primarily for the transportation of persons or property and only incidentally operated or moved over the highways need not be registered. (Example: Heavy road equipment, graders, scrapers, road maintenance, ditch-digging or well-boring machinery and concrete mixers.) Note: On Special mobile equipment requiring a lien, applicant must contact the Secretary of State’s office at 827-3600. These liens are filed under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) 55-9-101 NMSA 1978.
  9. Freight Trailers and Utility

    Trailers owned and used by a) A nonresident solely for the transportation of farm products purchased by the nonresident from growers or producers of the farm products and transported in the trailer out of the state. b) Farmers and ranchers who transport to market only the produce, animals, or fowl produced by them or who transport back to their farms and ranches supplies for use thereon. c) Persons who transport animals to and from fairs, rodeos, or other places, except racetracks, where the animals are exhibited or otherwise take part in performances, in trailers drawn by a motor vehicle or truck of less than ten thousand pounds gross vehicle weight rating bearing a proper registration plate, but in no case shall the owner of an unregistered trailer described in this paragraph perform such uses for hire.
  10. Mopeds

    A two-wheeled or three-wheeled vehicle with an automatic transmission and motor having a piston displacement of less than fifty cubic centimeters, capable of propelling the vehicle at a maximum speed of not more than thirty miles per hour. Only Mopeds that are certified by the manufacturer as being “Street Legal” will be titled and registered. Mopeds must meet the minimum Federal Safety requirements specified on MVD Form 10053, “Vehicle Equipment Affirmation”.
  11. Motorcycle Trailers (by current MVD practice)
  12. Tow Dollies (by current MVD practice)
  13. Vehicles Purchased by a New Mexico Dealer

    It is not necessary for the New Mexico dealer to convert the Title to his name prior to the sale.
  14. Vehicles Purchased by New Mexico Auctions

    The auctioneer can assign the Title to an individual purchaser, provided they are licensed as a dealer, without the need of the auction firm having to apply for Title in the firm’s name.
  15. Repossessions

    The repossessor does not have to convert any type of Title into the repossessor’s name prior to a subsequent sale. Titles from all states will be accepted for transfer and registration without the necessity to title in the repossessor’s name.
  16. Insurance Companies

    Insurance companies do not need to convert any type of Title into their name before making a subsequent assignment if the insurance company purchased an insured’s interest in the vehicle as a result of a claim.