Chapter 2, Section F:
Out-of-State VIN Inspections

Revised August 5, 2014

Other State's VIN Inspection Form Required

Inspections done outside New Mexico for a New Mexico resident or licensed dealer must be done on that state’s official form.

The other state’s form must contain all information required by the New Mexico Affidavit of V.I.N. form (MVD-10861). In the event that the other state does not have an official VIN Inspection form, or that state’s form is not acceptable, the inspection must be done on the New Mexico form (MVD-10861). A photo is not required on our form.

The VIN inspection must be performed by a certified VIN inspector from the state where the inspection was performed and must have the officer’s original signature, badge number and, if possible, copy of credentials. That state’s MVD employees may also use NM Form MVD-10861, also with original signature and copy of the inspector's credentials.

A current NCIC Clearance must be included.