Chapter 5, Section A:
Prescreen Documents

Revised September 8, 2008

Pre-Screening Title and Registration Documents:

Review Each Document for:

  1. Errors on vehicle identification number
    (All vehicles year model 1981 and newer must have 17 characters.)
  2. Errors in Assignment
  3. Dates on Documents
  4. Proper entry of Purchaser Name(s)
    Do not accept a document if there are any additions of names with a different color ink, erasures, alterations, type-overs, changes or discrepancies in the names of sellers or purchasers. In some situations such documents may be accepted with Manager approval and/or an Affidavit of One and the Same Name or an Affidavit of Correction.
  5. Release of Lien
  6. Odometer Reading
    Verify that the seller and purchaser acknowledge the accuracy of the odometer reading and that the appropriate mileage option was checked off (AM-actual mileage, EL-exceeds mechanical limits, NM-not actual mileage).
  7. Proper Lien Information
    Lien information must include complete name and address of any lien holder, as well as the lien's maturity date.
  8. Sale Price
    Verify that the sale price indicated on the dealer’s invoice includes trade-in allowance (if any).
  9. Branding of Certificate of Title
    Any branding from New Mexico or another jurisdiction must be noted and carried over to the new New Mexico Certificate of Title. Other states' rebuilt brands will be carried over as rebuilt. Other states' salvage-equivalent brands (e.g. salvage, flood or hail damage) will be salvage branded.
    Note: A "salvage certificate" that does not include the word "Title" is not and cannot be accepted as a Certificate of Title.

IMPORTANT: Reject the transaction if there are any erasures, alterations, or type-overs; or discrepancies on any of the documents. To the extent possible, documents should have the same typeset, ink, etc, to avoid being reviewed by staff as an alteration.

Notice of Additional Requirements

When reviewing all the documents submitted by the applicant, if you find that ANY of the required documents are missing, you must prepare form MVD-10282 “Notice of Additional Requirements for Completion of Vehicle Transaction.”

Use this form to document all requirements that have been met and especially to document everything that is missing or incorrect. Transactions will be rejected if documents lack any necessary information, if documents do not have all signatures, or if documents are incorrect or missing information.

Any discrepancies found shall be explained to the applicant. Be sure to review documents carefully and note all additional requirements necessary to complete the transaction. Date the form, give it to the applicant and advise them all required documents must be returned within 30 days of the date on the form to avoid late registration penalties.