Chapter 5, Section C:
Application for Title and Registration in MVD 2.0

Revised October 1, 2008

Initiating the title/registration transaction

From the Utilities Application drop-down menu select the type of title or registration transaction. Based on the type of transaction selected, some or all of the fields/codes listed below may be required.

Type of Title or Registration Transaction

The codes listed here are not needed for the MVD 2.0 transaction, but are used to identify types of transactions in the Agent’s Daily Transaction Report: 01 first-time title, 02 title transfer, 03 lien release/file/change, 04 duplicate title, 05 no-fee correction (title), 06 registration renewal, 07 duplicate registration, 08 mail-order renewal, 09 no-fee correction (registration), 10 replace plate, 11 non-negotiable title, 13 dealer plate, 14 set a mobile home title inactive.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

a) The chassis VIN is the primary VIN.
b) The New Mexico assigned number is the primary VIN for a homemade vehicle.

Vehicle (type) Class

Auto filled if 17 digit
10 passenger, 11 truck, 12 farm truck, 13 heavy vehicle, 14 school bus, 15 agricultural bus, 16 commercial bus, 17 taxi, 18 utility trailer, 19 travel trailer, 21 motorcycle, 22 off highway, 23 horseless carriage, 25 fertilizer trailer, 27 religious bus, 29 motor home/RV, 31 manufactured home.

Title Types for First Time Transaction

– Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin
MCO – Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin
USGR – US Government release
DGT – Dealer’s Guarantee of Title
ML – Mechanic’s Lien
TL – Towing Lien
LL – Landlord Lien
SL – Storage Lien
SB – Surety Bond
CO – Court Order
ACO – Affidavit Certifying Ownership
RBLT – Rebuilt
HTA – Homemade Trailer Affidavit
DISM – Dismantler’s Notification

VINA Exception for First Time Titles

The VINA program identifies 17-digit VIN information and automatically fills certain fields in the 2.0 vehicle title process. When a manufacturer is not in the program the vehicle make must be manually entered and fields manually entered.

Skip Database for First Time Out of State Titles

Used when a previous New Mexico titled vehicle moved and was titled out-of-state and is now returning to New Mexico.

Also used to create a regular title for a vehicle that has a “nonnegotiable title” (66-3-11). The original “nonnegotiable title” process only registered the vehicle in New Mexico.

Non-Repairable Title

Can be processed from an out-of-state title or a New Mexico title into a non-repairable. Only New Mexico Independent Auto Dealers Association (NMIADA) and Vehicle Services can process this type of title at this time.

Vehicle title and registration information fields

  1. Suffix (primary VIN database record count)

    The suffix field identifies if the system has more than one vehicle entered with the same VIN number. The system default is "1." If the field is populated with a "2" (or higher number), it is telling you that the vehicles database now has two or more vehicles with the same VIN. It is then necessary to do a vehicle search, view the vehicle information, and determine which of the vehicles listed is the correct vehicle for this transaction.
    You must then page back to the prior screen where you entered the VIN and after the VIN add ",1" if it is the first vehicle listed or ",2" if it is the second. Example: you entered a VIN of "12345"; and the vehicle you are processing is the second vehicle listed with that VIN, you will add ",2" so that the VIN entry now reads "12345,2". When you then continue to the vehicle title and registration information screen, you should find that the appropriate fields have filled automatically.
    Note: This process can only be done on a title transfer. If it is a first-time title and the VIN is 17 digits then the current database record must be corrected before the title can be processed.
  2. Engine or other Secondary ID Number

    a) Motorcycle - engine number
    b) Motor Homes/RVs - secondary/coach number
    c) Reconstructed, Rebuilt and Shop Built Vehicles - New Mexico assigned number (Chapter 9 Section A).
    d) Off Highway Vehicles - engine number
  3. Make

    auto-fill if a 17-digit VIN is entered.
  4. Model Year

    auto-fill if a 17-digit VIN is entered.
  5. Cylinders

    auto-fill if a 17-digit VIN is entered.
  6. Fuel

    gasoline, A gasohol, B hybrid electric, D diesel, E electric, K kerosene, L liquefied gas, N natural gas, O other, P propane, S steam.
  7. Body Type

    auto-fill if a 17-digit VIN is entered.
  8. Series
    auto-fill if a 17-digit VIN is entered.
  9. Model

    auto-fill if a 17-digit VIN is entered. If model name is not available repeat the series field.
  10. Model Number

    If the model number is not available repeat the series field
  11. Series
    auto-fill if a 17-digit VIN is entered.
  12. Color 1

    Primary color of the vehicle. Enter the first three letters of the color.

  13. Color 2

    Secondary color of the vehicle. Enter the first three letters of the color.
  14. Number of Passengers

    Enter number for vehicle classes 14, 15, 16 and 27 (buses).
  15. Number of Doors

    Enter number for vehicle classes 14, 15, 16 and 27 (buses).
  16. Number of Seats

    Enter number for vehicle classes 14, 15, 16 and 27 (buses).
  17. Title only

    Yes or no. If yes TO00000 (TO for title only plus 5 zeros) will be entered as the plate number and 01/31/2050 is used as the registration expiration date.
  18. Purchased Date

  19. Weight/Wheels

    Determined by the vehicle's factory shipping weight.
  20. Odometer Reading

    When entering odometer reading do not include tenths.
  21. Odometer Code

    actual miles, EL exceeds mechanical limits, NM not the actual miles, N/A not applicable for trailers and optional for off-highway vehicles.

  22. Odometer Unit

    iles or kilometers. Do not convert kilometers to miles.
  23. Price
  24. Brand (1)
    Blank, rebuilt or salvage.
  25. Brand (2)

    Blank, rebuilt or salvage. Do not repeat brand codes from Brand (1). Example: If Brand (1) is salvage, then Brand (2) could be rebuilt. (Chapter 9 Section A)
  26. Sale Type

    Private or dealer.
  27. Dealer Number

    for a New Mexico dealer that sells cars, trucks, utility trailers, motorcycles or off-highway vehicles.


    Enter remarks - up to 50 characters.
  29. Number of Liens

    no liens, 1 one lien, 2 two liens.
  30. Trade-In Vehicle

    Yes or no.
  31. Non-Use Affidavit

    Yes or no. Select yes if the non-use affidavit has been signed.
  32. Vehicle Use Type

    personal, B business, G government, F federal, T transportation, L leased.
  33. Title Form Number

    Auto filled according to the title certificate sequential number assigned to the agent.
  34. License Plate Number

    a) License plate number for all registered vehicles.
    b) TO00000 for “title only” (TO for title only plus 5 zeros).

  35. County

    Drop-down menu choice for all counties.
  36. Plate Issued

    Yes or no. Select yes if a new plate is issued; otherwise select no.
  37. First-Year Registration

    Enter the model year of the vehicle.
  38. Registration Type

    staggered, F fleet, P permanent, NO-REG-N registration is not part of the transaction (e.g. duplicate title and lien filing).
  39. DGVW (declared gross vehicle weight)

    Required for vehicle codes 11 (truck), 12 (farm truck), 13 (heavy vehicle) and 29 (motor home/RV).

  40. Two-Year Registration

    Yes or no.
  41. Registration Expiration

    Always use the last day of the month. Example: 12/31/2008. For title only transactions use 01/31/2050.
  42. Pro-Rate Registration

    Yes or no. Yes only for vehicle type 13 (more than 26,000 pounds).
  43. Emissions

    not applicable, C certified, X exempt, A address change (Chapter 2 Section H)
  44. Special Plate

    Drop-down selection for every plate available in the standard basics.
  45. Commercial Vehicle Number

    Commercial Vehicle Bureau (CVB) assigned account number for all vehicles over 26,000 pounds.
  46. 2290 Report

    Enter yes for a
    vehicle that is 55,000 pounds or more.
  47. Fleet Number

    N/A - All fleet vehicles are registered on-line.
  48. Modify Excise Tax

    Yes or no.

  49. Waive Late Transfer Fee

    Yes or no.

Title holder information

Name on Title

How the name appears on the title

Owner 1

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security number (SSN)
  • Veteran Certificate number
  • DL number
  • DL jurisdiction
  • Email address
  • Mailing address
  • Check box if mail address is not the same as residential address
    - Residential address

Additional owners

  Second owner

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • SSN
  • Veteran Certificate number
  • DL number

  Third owner

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • SSN
  • Veteran Certificate number
  • DL number

Lien Holder Information

First Lien Holder

Name, address, lien file date, lien maturity date, lien holder number (optional)

Second Lien Holder

Name, address, lien file date, lien maturity date, lien holder number (optional)