Chapter 7, Section D:
Replacement of Special Plates

Revised October 25, 2011

Personalized special registration plates (prestige plates)

New prestige plates will only be issued to new applicants or in cases where there is a change of prestige symbols or in cases where the plate has been lost or damaged. The Special Plates Section of the Vehicle Services Bureau handles these transactions. A $17.00 replacement fee applies. In the case of a lost or damaged prestige plate, a duplicate plate will be issued.

Other special plates

All other special plates will be replaced if lost or damaged, for a $17.00 replacement plate fee. Unlike the prestige plate, the replacement plate for any other special plate will not be a duplicate, but will be issued with a new number. The Special Plates Section of the Vehicle Services Bureau also handles these transactions.

Reduced-fee exception

If the lost plate is a Horseless Carriage plate, the replacement fee is $12.00.

Statute (66-3-24A)

The applicable statute regarding replacement of lost plates is Section 66-3-24A NMSA 1978:

In the event any registration evidence or registration plate is lost, mutilated or becomes illegible, the owner or legal representative or successor in interest of the owner of the vehicle for which the registration evidence or registration plate was issued as shown by the records of the division shall immediately make application for and may obtain a duplicate or a new registration under a new registration number as determined to be the most advisable by the division upon the applicant furnishing information satisfactory to the division.