Chapter 8, Section B:
Dealer Transactions - Titling in Name of Dealer

Revised August 12, 2008

Dealer Titling in Name of the Dealership or its Owner

A dealer is not required to obtain title in its own name before transferring title to a buyer.


  1. If the dealer wishes to title a vehicle in the name of the dealership or its owner, the dealer must pay all fees (excise tax, registration and title fee). A Title, registration and license plate are issued. The dealer is also required to affirm insurance.

    Note: This will happen when a dealer plans to use the vehicle.
  2. If affirmation is received from a used car dealer that the vehicle will remain in inventory, a title only may be issued. No excise tax will be collected, and no registration and plate will be issued.

    Note: The purpose of this title-only transaction is normally to obtain a clear title to the vehicle.