Chapter 8, Section N:
Double Transfer

Revised October 25, 2008

Any individual who purchases a vehicle whether in New Mexico or any other state must generally obtain title in his name before selling the vehicle.

Exception: Double Transfer

An exception to that general rule may be made when the previous owner failed to transfer the title into his name. In that case a “double transfer” may be required.

A double transfer can be accomplished in a single transaction, with two complete sets of documents, as follows:

All documents, including consecutive bills of sale, odometer statements and proper assignments must be obtained. If all documents are not provided, a surety bond process will be required.

Taxes must be paid on both transfers, as well as late title transfer fees (if any) on the second transfer.

The Application for Vehicle Title and Registration (MVD-10002) is to be completed in the name of the current purchaser. Only one application is processed in a double transfer. Complete the title application as follows:

  1. Calculate "sale price" as the sum of the amounts paid by the buyers in both transfers. Note: Do not include the price paid in the first transfer if that transfer should have been taxed in another jurisdiction. That will generally be the case if the transfer took place in another state, as should be clear on the first transfer bill of sale.
  2. The title transaction sale date that is entered will be the date off the second/current transaction. Any late title transfer fee that applies will be automatically calculated based on that transaction date. Note: Collect late title transfer fees, if applicable, only on the second/current transfer.
  3. In the “Remarks” section of the title application, itemize all taxes and fees due for both transactions and document the breakdown. You must also include the purchase price for each transaction.
  4. Only one registration fee is assessed, because this is a single transaction.