Chapter 8, Section O:
Re-Issuance of Title after Non-Receipt

Revised August 14, 2008

This procedure for re-issuance after non-receipt applies only to registered owners and lien holders when the address on record is incorrect (due to clerk error), so that the title was sent to the wrong address and was never received by the owner or lienholder.

Replacement Title, No-Fee

A replacement title, with the correct address, will be issued at no fee if the applicant meets all the following requirements:

  1. The Motor Vehicle Division must have mailed the “Certificate of Title” to the registered owner or lienholder. A vehicle inquiry should be made to verify that the title was mailed out.
  2. At least 30 days must have elapsed from the original date of issuance (to allow for mail to be returned as undelivered).
  3. The registered owner or lienholder must make the request for re-issuance within 90 days from the date of original issuance.
  4. The applicant must complete the “Affidavit of Non-Receipt” form (MVD-10022).
  5. The applicant must provide identification (i.e. driver's license). When application is made by mail, applicant should send a photocopy of the driver's license.