Chapter 8, Section Q:
Titling Through a Sheriff's Sale

Revised August 15, 2008

A Sheriff's Sale is a sale by a county sheriff who has been directed by the courts to dispose of property to satisfy a debt.

The sale of the vehicle at public auction must be advertised before the sheriff can conduct the sale.


  • Certified Copy of Court Order – A Writ of Execution issued by the court directing a county sheriff to seize and sell the vehicle owner's property to satisfy a debt.
  • Sheriff’s Notice of Sale

    A Sheriff's Notice of Sale is signed by the sheriff, or other person appointed to conduct the sale. The notice states the title of the cause in which judgment was obtained and the nature of the action. It also indicates the date of the judgment and identifies the vehicle and VIN. And it states whose property is being sold, the amount of the judgment, accrued interest to the date of sale, and the date, time and place of sale.

    A Sheriff's Notice of Sale is published for four weeks immediately proceeding the sale. it must be signed by the Sheriff and must certify that notice was given through publication in a newspaper.
  • Bill of Sale – issued by the Sheriff or the auctioneer.
  • VIN Inspection
  • Odometer Disclosure Statement (motor vehicles, except off-highway vehicles) – Because the owner of record is not signing the Odometer Disclosure Statement, the odometer reading must be recorded as NM - not actual miles.
  • NCIC check