Chapter 9, Section D:
Reconstructed Vehicle with Dismantler Notification

Revised September 8, 2008

Reconstructed Vehicle with Dismantler Notification

Note: Only a private individual may use a Dismantler’s Notification form (MVD-10172) and Dealer’s Bill of Sale to obtain a salvage title.

An auto recycler may not use a Dismantler’s Notification to obtain title.

When the source document for an Application for Title is a New Mexico Dismantler Notification Form (MVD-), the vehicle must be identified as “SALVAGE”. Field offices that issue titles over the counter must stamp the title, as well as the department copy, in red letters with the word “SALVAGE” at a 45 degree angle on the empty space next to the "registered owner" block. “SALVAGE” must be entered in the “brand” block on the Title Application.

The Motor Vehicle Division will assign an “NM” prefix identification number, which will be entered as a secondary number. A department employee or certified LEI Law Enforcement Officer must affix the assigned VIN tag.


  1. “Dismantler Notification”, MVD Form 10172 – This is surrendered as the “Title” would be when applying for title transfer and registration.
  2. Dealer's Bill of Sale – Properly assigned from the dismantler to the purchaser. A regular Bill of Sale may not be used.
  3. VIN Inspection – Must be conducted by a Motor Vehicle Division Certified VIN Inspector.
  4. NCIC Clearance – The clearance must be the original, signed by the law enforcement officer who clears the vehicle and it CANNOT be over 30 days old.
  5. Dismantler Invoice – Must be an original or a certified copy, it must indicate the vehicle information including the VIN and reflect the sales price.
  6. “Affidavit of Reconstructed Vehicle”, MVD Form 10015 – Must be completed and signed by the applicant attesting that the vehicle has been reconstructed from an existing chassis.
  7. “Vehicle Equipment Affirmation”, MVD Form 10053 – Shall be completed and signed by the applicant. Assembled vehicles must comply with federal standards for highway use (this is the owner's responsibility). If owner states that parts are missing or not yet working you should not process the Title.
  8. Invoices – All parts or equipment purchased shall be added to the sales price (of the vehicle) for accurate computation of excise tax due.
  9. Weight Certificate – Must be provided for accurate computation of registration fees.
  10. New Mexico Assigned VIN – The New Mexico assigned VIN shall be the secondary VIN on the Certificate of Title. A Motor Vehicle Division employee or certified LEI Law Enforcement Officer must affix the New Mexico assigned VIN to the vehicle. If giving the number to a law officer, note name and badge number in remarks. When affixing VIN plate to vehicle, if clerk can obviously see that the vehicle does not comply with vehicle equipment standards do not attach VIN plate, instead VOID the transaction.

NOTE: When processing Title, enter "DISM" and the Dismantler Form Control Number in the Previous Title Field (example "DISM103456").


Excise tax is based on sale price of the partially dismantled vehicle, invoices for other parts purchased, and labor involved in rebuilding the vehicle. The vehicle type, empty weight or DGVW (if it is a truck or motor home) determines registration fees. Penalties do not apply when processing these types of transactions involving dismantler notifications. Excise tax is not increased to 4.5% if application date is 90 days past purchase date. Late transfer fee does not apply even if applicant has exceeded the 30-day period from the date of purchase to the date of the Application for Title. The Motor Vehicle Division does not issue a "Title Only" unless the vehicle has been repaired and satisfies the safety equipment requirements identified on MVD Form 10053, "Vehicle Equipment Affirmation".