Chapter 9, Section F:
Salvage Certificate of Title or Reconditioned Title

Revised August 15, 2008


Any time a vehicle is transferred and the original document is a Certificate of Title branded as “SALVAGE”, all subsequent titles issued must be branded and stamped “Salvage.” The stamp must be placed at a 45-degree angle on the empty space next to the registered owner's name on the Certificate of Title and the Application for Vehicle Title and Registration.


Reconditioned” title


Some other states issue a “Reconditioned” title that is equivalent to our “Salvage” titles, and is a negotiable title. Upon transfer of title and registration of a vehicle that has a "Reconditioned" title, enter "Salvage" in the “brand” block.


Salvage Certificate


Other states also issue a “Salvage Certificate” to show ownership. This document serves to cancel the original title until the vehicle is made roadworthy. The vehicle must be inspected, and a “Reconditioned Title” issued, in the state of issue before a New Mexico title can be issued.