Chapter 9, Section G:
Multiple Records, Multiple VINs

Revised September 8, 2008

Multiple Records with the Same VIN

When a vehicle, trailer or manufactured home has multiple records with the same VIN, the MVD agent should view all records and match the VIN on the record to the VIN on the Title.

Transactions should be processed by assigning a new “NM Vehicle Identification Number” as the primary number and entering the “Factory VIN” as the secondary VIN.

Vehicles with Multiple VINs

At times multiple VIN’s are required to identify a vehicle.

A first time vehicle that has the same VIN as one in the MVD database cannot be processed normally.

  • If it is a 17-digit VIN one of the two vehicles is in error. If the VIN error is the vehicle in our database it must be corrected through the “VIN correction module”. If the VIN from the out-of-state vehicle is in error the correction should generally be done in that state in order to maintain the history of the vehicle. If there is no historical value for the vehicle and the VIN is an obvious error the correction can be made by us.
  • If the VIN is less than 17 digits it is most likely an older vehicle. Older vehicles did not have a regulated VIN structure prior to 1980. In this case a NM Assigned Number must be assigned as the primary VIN and the vehicle’s original VIN will become the secondary VIN.