Chapter 10, Section E:
Abandoned Vehicle Lien Checklist

Revised June 24, 2013

Abandoned Vehicle Lien on Private Property Checklist
(66-3-121, 66-2-7.1A6, 66-207.1A11, 66-1-4.1, 18.3.12.A2b)

VIN # ___________________________________________________

If the vehicle is towed

  1. Towing company obtains written authorization from the owner or agent of the property contained in a towing invoice with the following information:
    • Name of the owner or name of agent if different.
    • Location of the property.
    • Amount of time vehicle is on the property (at least 30 days).
    • Description of the vehicle.
    • Date and time towing service removed the vehicle.
  2. Follow the Towing Lien Process.

No towing – property owner procedure