Driver Procedures Manual
Table of Contents

August 23, 2012

CHAPTER 1 Definitions

CHAPTER 2 Non-Commercial License
Section A.  Issuing a Non-Commercial License
Section B.  Name Requirements
Section C.  Motorcycles
Section D.  Taking the Customer's Photograph
Section E.  Classes of Driver Licenses
Section F.  Temporary Driving Permits
Section G.  Endorsements
Section H.  Restrictions
Section I.  Minors
Section J.  Minors Moving from Out of State

CHAPTER 3 Instructional Permit
Section A.  Issuing an Instructional Permit
Section B.  Instructional Permit Referral Card Example

CHAPTER 4 Provisional Driver License

CHAPTER 5 Commercial Driver License
Section A.  General Information and Statutes
Section B.  First Time Commercial Learner's Permit
Section C.  Requirements and Procedures for Issuing Initial CDL
Section D.  Renewal, Replacement or Upgrade of a CDL
Section E.  Medical Certification and Waivers
Section F.  Skill Test Requirements
Section G.  Class E (Exemption) License
Section H.  Commercial Driver Statement
Section I.  Grandfathering
Section J.  Out-of-State Commercial License
Section K.  CDL Skills Test Examiners
Section L.  Knowledge Tests
Section M.  Frequently Asked Questions

CHAPTER 6 Acceptable Documents for DLs, regular IDs and CDLs
Section A.  Acceptable Documents for DLs and regular IDs
Section B.  Acceptable Documents Q&A ( NMAC, rev. effective July 31, 2009)
Section C.  Acceptable Documents for CDLs

CHAPTER 7 Alternative Identification Card (new October 1, 2007)

CHAPTER 8 - Parking Placards

CHAPTER 9 Medicals
Section A.  Class D Medical Reports
Section B.  Special Instances
Section C.  Class D Vision Report
Section D.  Medical Actions
Section E.  Readers for Customers with Disabilities
Section F.  Customers Requiring Additional Road Testing
Section G.  Mailing Procedures for Medical Report
Section H.  Medical Condition/Disease Codes
Section I.  Answers to Common Medical Questions

CHAPTER 10 Reinstatement Requirements
Section A.  Reinstatement Instructions
Section B.  Reinstatement Requirements
Section C.  Reinstatement Codes
Section D.  Penalty Assessment
Section E.  Interlock and Limited Licenses
Section F.  Interlock/Limited License Data Entry

CHAPTER 11 Road And Written Test Requirements
Section A.  Road Test, General Guidelines
Section B.  Road Test Routes
Section C.  Stopping the Test Before Completion
Section D.  Accident During the Test
Section E.  Written Test Requirements


CHAPTER 13 Quick Prints
Section A.  Drivers Who Must be Licensed
Section B.  Selective Service System Registration
Section C.  Persons Exempt From Licensing
Section D.  Persons Not to be Licensed
Section E.  Instructional Permits and Provisional Licenses
Section F.  Municipal Court Codes and Phone Numbers
Section G.  Magistrate Court Codes and Phone Numbers
Section H.  DWI Unit Frequently Asked Questions
Section I.   Voter Registration Procedures