Chapter 7 – Standard Driver’s License and Not Intended-for-Federal-Purposes ID

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Section A.  Procedures for Processing a Standard Driver’s License or Not Intended for Federal Purpose ID
Section B.  Lists of Acceptable Documents for Standard Driver’s License

Revised September 29, 2019

Section A: Procedures for Processing a Standard Driver’s License  or Not for Federal Purpose ID

Created date: September 29, 2019

When processing a Standard Driver’s License or not intended for federal purpose ID the collection of a unique identification number is not required.

  1. Enter the same document presented as proof of identification in both the identification number field and the identification document field.
  2. If the document presented has a unique id number enter that number in the field provided for identification number.
  3. If the customer presents two different documents, one for identification and one for date of birth, still enter the identification document in both the identification number field and identification document field. Make a note in the system of the document used to prove date of birth.
  4. Scan all documents provided into system.
  5. For proof of residence you can use items from the same category (i.e. utility bill is a category and bank or credit card statement is a category), but you can’t use items from the same entity (i.e. PNM is an entity and Home Depot is an entity)


Acceptable for proof of residence
1. An electric bill from PNM and a gas bill from Gas Co of NM.
2. A credit card statement from Home Depot and a credit card statement from Sears.

Unacceptable for proof of residence

1. March PNM bill and April PNM bill.
2. March Home Depot credit card statement and April Home Depot credit card statement.

  1. Scan all documents provided into system.

PROTEST: Section 66-2-17 NMSA 1978 of the Motor Vehicle Code provides a formal process for resolving disputes. Protests must be submitted within 30 days of the mailing or verbal notification of the action proposed to be taken by the Department. The protest must be in writing. For further information on how to protest refer to Taxation and Revenue Department FYI-702.