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Mission Statement

MVD Mission:

Outstanding service to the motoring public- every customer, every transaction, every time.


MVD Vision:

National excellence in motor vehicle services and operations.


MVD Purpose:

To license commercial and non-commercial drivers; register and title commercial and non-commercial vehicles and boats; license auto dealers and title service companies; contract with private partners for selected MVD services; and assure that MVD work is performed in accordance with the Motor Vehicle Code (Chapter 66, NMSA 1978).


MVD Core Values:

  • To take care of our customers by taking care of our staff.
  • To provide a supportive and professional work environment with a focus on teamwork, documented policies and procedures, accountability, personal responsibility, employee development, and good communication.
  • To provide quality customer services that are consistent, timely, accurate, confidential, efficient, and professional.
  • To value our customers’ time by minimizing field office wait times, and by providing alternative service delivery channels that eliminate the need to wait in line.
  • To minimize fraud and opportunities for identity theft.
  • To meet state and federal requirements with budget parameters.