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Chapter 19, Section E:

Registration Only – Motorboats

A Motorboat under 10 Feet is Not a “Boat”

motorboat that is less than 10 feet in length must be registered, but does not meet the statutory definition of boat” and is therefore not required to be titled.

If the applicant wants to title a motorboat that is less than 10 feet in length, he may do so. However, he should be informed that:

  • there is no requirement to title, and
  • if they choose to title the vessel, all fees, and excise tax will apply.

Liens on registered-but-not-titled motorboats

Jet skis and other motorboats that are less than 10 feet in length must be registered but are not required to be titled. Without issuing a title, MVD cannot perfect a lien. A person with a lien on a non-titled vehicle or vessel should be referred to the Secretary of State’s office at (505) 827-3600 to file the lien in accordance with procedures set forth in the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).

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