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International Registration Plan (IRP)

MVD is responsible for the licensing and registration of commercial motor carriers in the International Registration Plan (IRP).

The IRP is a cooperative agreement between the US states and Canadian provinces, also referred to as jurisdictions, for registering commercial vehicles that travel into two or more jurisdictions. The IRP provides an invoice of registration fees based on how many fleet miles are traveled in each jurisdiction. License fees are paid by the motor carrier to the base jurisdiction (where the fleet is registered) and then distributed by the IRP Program to various jurisdictions in which the commercial vehicles travel.

IRP states have agreed to allow the base state to collect the fees for all states in which the commercial vehicle travels. The fees are then distributed to each state based on:

  • the percentage of mileage the vehicle traveled in each state
  • vehicle identification information
  • maximum weight of the vehicle
  • the value, age, weight (without cargo) of the vehicle, etc.
  • number of trucks registered

Under the IRP, interstate carriers must file an application with the state where they are based. The base state issues registration documents for each vehicle. Roadside enforcement uses these documents to verify and validate registration. Registration fees are calculated according to each state’s specific registration fee schedules.

Only one (1) license plate (or set of plates) and one (1) cab card are issued for each commercial vehicle. The apportioned license plate, sticker, and cab card are registration documents that are needed to operate on an interstate basis in member states.

For more detailed information on registering an IRP, registration fees, permit information, and IRP applications and forms, see: NM International Registration Plan and IRP, INC

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