Report Fraud

Driver licenses and Identification (ID) cards issued by the MVD are used by law enforcement and businesses to establish or verify a person’s identity.

MVD does not tolerate driver license, ID card, or motor vehicle fraud. To better protect your identity and reduce fraud, the MVD has set up an MVD Fraud Email.

Help Prevent Fraud and Identity Theft – Report any Suspicious Activities

Send an Email to MVD at: You do not have to provide your name.

The information you provide protects everyone!

Identity thieves steal or obtain Social Security cards and numbers, birth certificates, immigration documents or personal information that is unique to you. The identity thief can use this information to

  • Get a driver license or ID card
  • Open a bank account or get credit in your name
  • Purchase an automobile or real estate
  • Drain personal bank or other financial accounts
  • Create fake driving and criminal record entries
  • Get fraudulent government benefits
  • Obtain employment

Identity theft can result in your driving privileges being suspended or your credit rating being destroyed. You could have trouble getting your government benefits, or you could be accused of not reporting wages. You might be held liable for motor vehicle incidents that had nothing to do with you.

Report Identify Theft or Fraud