66-5-21.1. Effect of military service on driver’s license.  

A.   Unless the license is suspended, canceled or revoked as provided by law, a driver’s license issued by this state that is held by a person who is on active duty in the armed forces of the United States and is absent from this state, or is in this state only on leave status, remains valid beyond the expiration date of the license. 
B.   If the person benefiting from this section is reassigned to this state or is discharged from military service, the driver’s license remains valid until the thirty-first day after the person’s return to this state or discharge. 
C.   A person benefiting from this section shall also show valid military identification or discharge documents when asked to show a driver’s license. 
D.   The provisions of this section also apply to a spouse accompanying a person benefiting from this section.
History: Laws 2005, ch. 124, § 1. 

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