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Emission Testing

Emissions Requirements

Emissions testing is required of motor vehicles registered or commuting in Bernalillo County.

All 1989 and newer motor vehicles up to 10,000 lbs GVW must pass an emission test every two years and at change of ownership. Gas-electric hybrid vehicles are required to be tested every two years as well and can be tested at any certified Air Care Station.

Brand new vehicles do not need an emissions test for four years following initial registration from the date of the manufacture’s certiificate of origin. 

Only dedicated electric vehicles and diesel vehicles are exempt from emission testing.

The field offices and online registration applications check the air care database for compliance when a renewal is attempted. Customers will be directed to get their emissions checked if MVD receives a failure or expiration notification from the air care database. If the vehicle is compliant, the customer will be allowed to continue the renewal transaction. The customer only receives a message for non-compliance. 

The air care database is administered and maintained by Albuquerque Air Care.

For further information, visit the Albuquerque Air Care web site http://www.cabq.gov/environmentalhealth/emissions-testing