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DWI First Steps

Steps to follow:

DWI First Steps

  1. Should we include you are not eligible for an interlock license until your license is revoked. You can access the MVDonline.com to check when your license is revoked
  2. Prior to How to get the interlock license can we include something like?

a. Steps you can follow:

      1. 1st – request an administrative hearing – this will determine the outcome of your license
      2. 2nd – Acquire interlock Affidavit – MVD10456 – fill it out completely and be sure it is notarized
      3. 3rd – Install interlock device – be sure to receive and keep the contract
      4. 4th – Acquire car insurance under your name
      5. 5th – Schedule an appointment at your nearest MVD to receive your interlock driver’s license
        1. At this appointment you will need to bring #2, 3 and 4 above with you