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Most Popular Forms

Driver License and Identification Card

Certificate of Facts Form | MVD10077 | Download PDF
Affidavit of New Mexico Residency (under 18) | MVD10021 | Download PDF
Certification of Employment, Self-employment or School Attendance Form | MVD10459 | Download PDF
Driver License Surrender Form | MVD10231 | Download PDF
Driver License Restoration Packet (Form & Instructions) | MVD10233 | Download PDF
Driver License Reinstatement Affidavit Form | MVD10236 | Download PDF
Driver Point System Regulations and Schedule | MVD11011 | Download PDF
Driving School Record of Completion (Form & Instructions) | MVD10273 | Download PDF
Medical Report Form | MVD10124 | Download PDF
Medical – Request for Ophthalmologic or Optometric Information Form | MVD10125 | Download PDF
Request for Hearing Form | MVD10792 | Download PDF
Gender Designation Change Request | MVD10237 | Download PDF

Access to Motor Vehicle Records

Confidential Records Release Form | MVD11260 | Download PDF | Request Record Online

Ignition Interlock

Ignition Interlock License Affidavit Form | MVD10456 | Download PDF
Review of 10-Year Revocation Interlock Compliance Form | MVD10454 | Download PDF
State of Indigency (Form & Instructions) | MVD10813 | Download PDF


Primary Vehicle Title and Registration Forms

Vehicle Title and Registration Application (Form & Instructions) | MVD10002 | Download PDF
Duplicate Certificate of Title Application (Form & Instructions) | MVD10901 | Download PDF
Financial Responsibility Request for Hearing (for Mandatory Vehicle Insurance) | MVD11269 | Download PDF
N.C.I.C. Certificate of Clearance Form | MVD10468 | Download PDF
Non-Use of Vehicle/Out of State Vehicle Insurance Affidavit Form | MVD11268 | Download PDF

Special Title Procedures for Mechanic’s, Landlord’s, Storage or Abandoned

Vehicle Lien Process Form | MVD11070 | Download PDF
VIN – Request for Vehicle or Hull Identification Number Verification Form | MVD10705 | Download PDF

Other Vehicle Title and Registration Forms

Vehicle Equipment Affirmation | MVD10053 | Download PDF
Affirmation Certifying Ownership Form | MVD10010 | Download PDF
New Mexico MVD Online Certificate Of Eligibility for Parking Placard for Mobility Impaired Individuals Form | MVD10383 | Fill, Print, and Go!
New Mexico MVD Online Change of Address Request Form | MVD10284 | Fill, Print, and Go!
Change of Equity Certification Form | MVD10044 | Download PDF
Non-receipt Affidavit Form (for Title, Registration or Cab Card) | MVD10022 | Download PDF
Notice of Mechanic’s or Landowner’s Lien Form | MVD10058 | Download PDF
Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form & Instructions) | MVD10187 | Download PDF

Release of Lien Form | MVD10041 | Download PDF
Repossession Affidavit Form | MVD10012 | Download PDF
Specially Constructed or Reconstructed Vehicle Affirmation Form | MVD10015 | Download PDF
Affidavit of Correction Form | MVD10019 | Download PDF
Affidavit of One and the Same Name Form | MVD10008 | Download PDF
Limited Durable Power Of Attorney | MVD11020 | Download PDF

Access to Motor Vehicle Records Forms

Fill Print and Go Forms Confidential Records Release Form | MVD11260 | Fill, Print, and Go!

Special Vehicle License Plates

New Mexico MVD Online Application for Personalized Prestige/ Vanity Plate (Auto or Motorcycle) | MVD10199 | Fill, Print, and Go!
Application for Collegiate Plate (For all NM colleges) | MVD11322 | Download PDF
Application for Mobility Limitation (HP) Plate | MVD10270 | Download PDF
Affidavit for Year-Of-Manufacture Plate (Auto or Motorcycle) | MVD11317 | Download PDF
Horseless Carriage Certification & Plate (Auto or Motorcycle) | MVD10056 | Download PDF

Application for Active Duty Military Service Member Plate | MVD11267 | Download PDF
Application for Gold Star Family Plate | MVD10100 |Download PDF
Application for Military Service Member Plate (Veterans, Disabled Veterans, Medal of Honor, Purple Heart, Ex Prisoner of War, Veteran Motorcycle, Disabled Veteran Motorcycle) | MVD10353 |Download PDF
Application for National Guard Plate | MVD10247 | Download PDF
Application for Boy Scouts of America Centennial Platel | MVD10103 | Download PDF
Application for Amateur Radio Operator Plate | MVD10200 | Download PDF
Application for Breast Cancer Awareness Plate | MVD11244 | Download PDF
Application for Children’s Trust Fund Plate | MVD11195 | Download PDF
Application for City of Las Cruces Plate | MVD10099 | Download PDF
Application for Cumbres & Toltec Railway Plate | MVD11309 | Download PDF
Application for Organ Donation Awareness Plate | MVD10666 | Download PDF
Application for Patriot Plate | MVD11300 | Download PDF
Application for Pet Care – Spay/ Neuter Plate | MVD11249 | Download PDF
Application for Route 66 Commemorative Plate | MVD11259 | Download PDF
Application for Santa Fe 400th Anniversary Plate | MVD10098 |

Application for Emergency Medical Technicians Plate | MVD11248 | Download PDF
Application for Firefighters, Volunteer Firefighters or Retired Firefighters Plate | MVD11316 | Download PDF
Application for Fraternal Order of Police Plate | MVD11303 | Download PDF
Application for Retired NM State Police Officer Plate | MVD11243 | 

Salvage Vehicles Forms

Salvage Vehicle or Vessel Notification Form | MVD11103 | Download PDF
Application for Non-repairable Certificate Form | MVD10005 | Download PDF
Notice of Owner Retained Vehicle Form | MVD10651 | Download PDF

Boat/ Vessel Forms

Application for Vessel Title and Registration (Form and Instructions) | MVD10003 | Download PDF
Affidavit of Gift of Motor Vehicle or Boat | MVD10018 | Download PDF
Change Of Equity Certification Form | MVD10044 | Download PDF
Affidavit of Non-receipt | MVD10022 | Download PDF
Request for Vehicle Or Hull Identification Number Verification Form | MVD10705 | Download PDF
Salvage Vehicle or Vessel Notification Form | MVD11103 | Download PDF

Commercial Driver Forms

Driver Certification for Issuance of a Commercial Driver’s Permit or License | MVD11222 | Download PDF
Application for a Hazardous Materials Endorsement – TSA |

Commercial Driver Medical Exam Certificate | MVD11154 | ​ 

Commercial Driver Licensing Medical Examination Certification | MVD11144 

Driver License Surrender Form | MVD10231 | Download PDF
Request for Hearing Form | MVD10792 | Download PDF
Vehicle Certification Form | MVD10414 | Download PDF
Employer’s Submission of Controlled Substance Test Results for New Mexico CDL Holders | MVD11174 | Download PDF

Commercial Vehicle Forms

Application for IFTA License Renewal (Form & Instructions) | MVD11213 | Download PDF
Driver License Surrender Form | MVD10231 | Download PDF

IFTA Quarterly Tax Return Instructions | MVD11262 | Download PDF
IFTA Quarterly Tax Return Form | MVD11263 | Download PDF
IFTA States Fuel Computation Worksheet | MVD11264 | Download PDF

New Mexico IFTA Decal Request Form | MVD11212 | Download PDF
New Mexico Apportioned Registration Application (Schedules A & B) | MVD11026 | Download PDF
Weight Distance Tax Return – Long Form (Form & Instructions) | MVD10964 | Download PDF

Quarterly Weight Distance Mill Rates – Prior to 07-01-2004
Quarterly Weight Distance Mill Rates – Current Rates

New Mexico Schedule C – Estimated Miles – Method 1
New Mexico Schedule C – Estimated Miles – Method 2

IRP Requirements
Checklist IRP New Accounts (IRP)
Checklist IRP Renewals (IRP)
Checklist IRP Supplements (IRP)
International Registration Plan (IRP) | Manual | Requisitos para obtener un Plan de Registro Internacional (IRP, sus siglas en inglés)

International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) | Manual | Manual del Acuerdo Internacional del Impuesto sobre Combustible, (IFTA siglas en inglés)

Auto Dealers, Dismantlers/ Recylers, and Title Service Company Forms

Applicant Affidavit Form | MVD10037 | Download PDF
Applicant Information Form | MVD10036 | Download PDF
Application for Renewal of Dealer/ Dismantler License Form |
Inspection Certification of Dealer or Dismantler Place of Business Form | MVD10178 | Download PDF
Place Of Business Affidavit Form | MVD10038 | Download PDF
Vehicle Dealer or Dismantler Bond Form | MVD10175 | Download PDF