Commercial Forms

Application for Renewal of Dealer/ Dismantler License Form (currently unavailable)
Commercial Driver CDL Manual  | Download PDF
Please read the New Mexico specific addendum to the CDL Manual | MVD11196 | Download PDF

Medical Examiner’s Certificate | ​ Download PDF

Medical Examination Report Form​ | Download PDF

Driver License Surrender Form | MVD10231 | Download PDF

Request for Hearing Form | MVD10792 | Download PDF
Vehicle Certification Form | MVD10414 | Download PDF
Employer’s Submission of Controlled Substance Test Results for New Mexcio CDL Holders | MVD11174 | Download PDF
Driver Certification for Issuance of a Commercial Driver’s Permit or License | MVD11222 | Download PDF

Commercial Vehicle Forms

Application for IFTA License Renewal (Form & Instructions) | MVD11213 | Download PDF
IFTA Quarterly Tax Return Instructions | MVD11262 | Download PDF

IFTA Quarterly Tax Return Form | MVD11263 | Download PDF
IFTA States Fuel Computation Worksheet | MVD11264 | Download PDF

New Mexico IFTA Decal Request Form | MVD11212 | Download PDF
New Mexico Apportioned Registration Application (Schedules A & B) | MVD11026 | Download PDF
Weight Distance Tax Return – Long Form (Form & Instructions) | MVD10964 | Download PDF

Quarterly Weight Distance Mill Rates – Prior to 07-01-2004
Quarterly Weight Distance Mill Rates – Current Rates

New Mexico Schedule C – Estimated Miles – Method 1
New Mexico Schedule C – Estimated Miles – Method 2

IRP Requirements
Checklist IRP New Accounts (IRP)
Checklist IRP Renewals (IRP)
Checklist IRP Supplements (IRP)
International Registration Plan (IRP) | Manual | Requisitos para obtener un Plan de Registro Internacional (IRP, sus siglas en inglés)

International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) | Manual | Manual del Acuerdo Internacional del Impuesto sobre Combustible, (IFTA siglas en inglés)

Auto Dealers, Dismantlers/ Recylers, and Title Service Company Forms

Vehicle Lien Information Clarification Document | Download PDF