Hearing Requests

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Request a Hearing From MVD

You can request a hearing from the New Mexico MVD for the following reasons:

  • to contest revocation of your driver license or driving privileges based on New Mexico’s Implied Consent Act,*
  • to contest suspension of your driver license for failure to comply with child support payments under New Mexico’s Parental Responsibility Act, or
  • for other MVD-related disputes.

To request a hearing from MVD, complete the Request for Hearing form. | Download PDF
You will have to pay an administrative hearing fee of $25.00 for a hearing on Implied Consent. Include the form and any applicable fee, and hand deliver or mail to:

New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division

Driver Services Bureau
1100 South St. Francis Drive, Room 2092
P.O. Box 4340
Santa Fe, New Mexico  87504-1028

If you are requesting a hearing regarding the revocation of your license based on the Implied Consent Act, you must submit your request for a hearing within ten calendar days of the Notice of Revocation and pay a $25.00 administrative fee. Hand deliver or mail the Request for Hearing form and the fee to the address above. You must pay the fee with a check or money order, not with cash.

*Implied Consent – Refusal to submit to a breath/ blood test; failure of breath/ blood test, or blood alcohol content (BAC) at or above .08 (or BAC at or above .02 for persons less than 21 years of age, or at or above .04 for person driving a commercial motor vehicle).