What are the requirements to get a New Mexico commercial driver license (CDL)?

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A non- commercial (regular, Class D) New Mexico driver license or a valid out- of- state CDL is required to get a New Mexico commercial driver license (CDL).

At the MVD office you must:

  • Pass the written test(s) pertaining to the class of CDL and any endorsements applied for;
  • Get a CDL learner’s permit; and
  • Pass a skills test administered by an approved CDL examiner

After receiving your skills test scores, bring the following to the MVD:

  • All required documents, as detailed below
  • Driver license
  • Learner’s permit
  • Sealed envelope with skills test scores

Written tests are not required to exchange a valid out- of- state CDL for a New Mexico CDL with the same class and endorsements.

Any driver needing a hazardous materials (Hazmat) endorsement must take a written test, be fingerprinted and get a background check.

Note: Not all MVD Field Offices issue CDLs. To identify an office in your area that can handle your complete CDL application process, check the CDL Test and License Field Offices.